This tutorial is dedicated to the pSX emulator for Windows, which works to its highest capacity right out of the box. It is the very best tool for all those gamers who do not wish to bother with an plug-in system of ePSXe. You will learn how to play your favourite games via the CD-ROM or via playstation roms. It is a fairly efficient and simple PlayStation 1 emulator. In case you’ve got a slow or older computer, this is the emulator that you want.

BIOS installation 

If you want to boot PlayStation games, you will need the PlayStation 1 BIOS. You have to download the pSX emulator along with the BIOS. Remember to mention the downloaded BIOS since the »_ip » file extension to »zip ». 

Let us take a peek at what you need to do after downloading the BIOS:

  • you need to extract the BIOS in the ZIP file. 
  • Press the « BIOS » tab. Then you must press the »… » button. 
  • Finally, press »OK » and close pSX. Note that next time once you start the emulator, it will be appropriately place to load the desirable PlayStation game. A pSX emulator is standalone software. That is precisely why it does not need an install wizard.

The procedure for installation is straightforward. You will need to extract pSX in the zip file. It is critical to mention that pSX ought to be placed in the shared folder on your computer, by way of example, »Records, » »Downloads, » or else you’ll be able to make a folder on the desktop computer. Otherwise, it can be restricted to read-only access only, and you will not be     able to save anything.

  • To start pSX, double-click on
  • You have to get all the contents of the zip file extracted.
  • Double-click on »DXSETUP.EXE » to launch the installation process. 
  • Press »I accept » > »Next » > »Next » > »Finish. »

How to Establish The Keyboard/Gamepad?

  • Start with going to « File » and « Configuration. » 
  • Press the « Controllers » tab.
  • You need to press the button that you want to reconfigure; then, you have to press on the keyboard key/gamepad button in the event you want to change it as well.
  • As soon as you have reconfigured all of the buttons that are desired, press »OK. »

The Way To Load pSX ISOs?

  • Make certain that you have already installed the BIOS.
  • Now, you have to download PS1 ISOs. Usually, they come in the following formats: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, or ECM. You need to extract it.
  • After your downloaded ISO has been successfully extracted, notice that the pSX emulator supports BIN/CUE, ISO, CCD, IMG, SUB, MDF, MDS, and CDZ. If your downloaded ISO is not in these formats, then we advise you to download the game from the other site in the right format.
  • Today, you have to establish the memory card for saving the games. You must do it only one time. You should go to »File » »configuration » and press on the »Memory Cards » tab.
  • Just type any title of your own memory card and press »OK. »
  • Click OK when you’re finished.
  • At this point, you’re ready to load ISOs. You have to go to »File » > »Insert CD picture »

How to Activate The Full Display?

If you want to bring pSX to the full-screen mode, you have to press »Alt+Enter. » Then you have to press »Alt+Enter » once again time in order to come back to the window manner. Don’t press »ESC » button when you are in the fullscreen mode since you’ll close pSX.


You have just learnt all the technical side of the eSX emulator. Now it’s time to find PSX ISOs. Ensure you have a solid library of games to enhance your gambling experience. If all of the information could not allow you to run your favourite PS1 games on your computer, it usually means the pSX emulator isn’t completely compatible with your PC. In this scenario, you should try ePSXe instead.