Facemasks ing to the description of Xing Lu, is very similar to the universe in which Ye Han was in the past.This also makes Ye Han finally see the hope of going home.What you mean is that this spacecraft has undergone three thousand years of transformation, and Facemasks it will become the state of integration of such technology and mag.ical skills, Ye Facemasks Han asked. At this point, he was asking the robot Star Lu to have something about the spacecraft.Yes, the robot said quietly. The original owner liked to study smelting.After coming to the world, Facemasks he discovered that this strange civilization is obsessively collecting all the information, even though he was Facemasks later adopted by the world s indigenous people.Killed, but the research has never stopped, and I also got all the information from the spacecraft s brain system and integrated them into the spaceship.This robot can be more than just a squad, a pattern, a forging, or a refining.He is also proficient in this. This is the first person in Ye Han who is proficient in so many surprises.So, if you let the refining of the blade now, you can refine the weapons of what order, Ye Han Facemasks asked curiously.If the conditions are sufficient, in addition to the legenda

ry one of the soldiers, I am not sure of refining.I should have a chance to succeed in the Facemasks second grade weapon.I can fully compete with the three grade utensils. Star Lu is still calm.Ye Han sighed badly. The intelligent system that never sleeps constantly analyzes the odds, even if it is slower to learn, it will be much easier than anthropology.Ye Han also feels that it is too correct to enter the spacecraft this.time. At least, whether he repairs the Kowloon Ding or refines the weapons, he will have a big helper.Moreover, Xing Lu even researched how to use the array and the pattern to simulate the power of the law.The strange strange face masks egg whites bees outside are actually his research Facemasks results.If it can be widely used, his own strength will inevitably increase sharply.When they came here, they came to a hall, and Ye Facemasks Han Facemasks looked 3m mask 6889t at it and found that the hall was divided into four parts, which turned Facemasks out to be exactly four smelting chambers like a furnace.Moreover, the shape of this furnace is very similar to the unique Ding of Facemasks fun medical face masks the 3m face mask filters 60926 Earth China in the memory of Ye Han.Xing Lu said that this removing fiberglass insulation with a respirator mask melting room was made by his predecessor, which made Ye Han have to reaffirm that the original owner of t


his spacecraft must know the earth.Ye Han couldn t help but ask Xing Lu, where is the void crack when you first entered this world The place was violent, and it looked like a bloody sea.The master called it a violent sea of blood, but the people in this world seem Facemasks to call it a chaotic blood sea.Star Lu replied. Chaotic blood sea Ye Han could not help but stunned.I didn t expect it to be a chaotic blood sea. It seems that the hidden secrets in this place are really quite a lot.If you let me go back and look fo. r the crack Facemasks in the void, can you Facemasks find it Ye Han couldn t wait to ask again.Yes. Star Lu replied, But we came from Facemasks that void of the void, almost nine deaths.According to the analysis of the brain, the spacecraft must continue to enhance its defenses in order to pass the crack safely.Ye Han pondered for a moment, and suddenly he moved, and asked So, your former master was killed by someone.According to Xinglu, his predecessor had a combat aircraft that was no less than the third order fighter after being transformed, but he was Facemasks still killed.Obviously, the person who killed him must be very Facemasks powerful Ye Han wants to know clearly, in order to decide how to deal with it in the f

uture.When Star using my krisvie activated dust mask Lu heard the words of Ye Han, suddenly the how often to do charcoal face mask eyes began to Facemasks shine, and even a 3D image was presented directly in front of Ye Han with his eyes.This is the Facemasks Facemasks image that was sent back before the former owner died, said Xing Lu.Ye Han immediately looked Facemasks at it. This 3D image was obviously shot during the battle, and the angle of view should be the original owner of Xinglu.And the person who fights with Facemasks him, no, it what to do if my face turns red after a face mask is not a person, but a horrible monster covered in blood red scales.The time of the picture is very short, almost extinguished in a blink how to wear a robber face mask of an eye.The last picture is a bloody light, a. nd there are more than a dozen bright spots in the blood of the vague.Ye Han frowned, and such a short picture made him look Facemasks confused.However, he can feel that the strength of this huge bloody giant is terrifying.After Star Lu finished the video, he stood quietly.Ye Facemasks Han asked helplessly Aside from this, is there any information He couldn t care about this enemy, because he now has the spaceship, and it is likely that he will face each other Facemasks one day.The strength of the other party is so terrible that he walmart face masks is jealous.Star Lu shook his head and said When the master returns this image