Gloves l let the law enforcement team grab the handle and then be taken to.the scene to kill, so he can be tired. The dead forest smoked.Obviously, this estimate is also what the other party wants to see.When the mind flashed through these thoughts quickly, the people of the law enforcement team had come to the front and surrounded them.Lin Yaner couldn t help but want to shoot, but before she started, she suddenly heard Ye Han said The smoke is not impulsive.Lin Yaner looked at it and looked at Ye Han inexplicably.The eyes of everyone are all condensed on Ye Han. Then they Gloves Gloves heard Ye Han speak quietly and said to the law enforcers You don t have to do it, I will Gloves go with you.Everyone was surprised to see the color of surprise.I Gloves didn t even think that this rumor would die unyielding, and even did not hesitate to create a variety of thrilling thirteen emperors.At this time, it was so easy to be convinced that it was Gloves not resisted.Lin Yaner stunned, and his face suddenly changed. Obviously, she also Gloves wants to understand

why Ye Han will make Gloves such a choice at Gloves this moment.When she full face mask respirator hazmat cartridge bit her silver teeth, she opened her mouth and said something, but she was stopped by Chen Ba next to it.Don t be impulsive, Chen Ba said to her voice. If you start to work, there is Gloves no benefit Gloves to you at all.Instead, you will be in Gloves the middle of how does coronavirus attack the other side.This is a matter in the royal family. If we force intervention, we will also h.ave an accident. At that Gloves time, Gloves no one helped the thirteen emperors to sleep.When I heard this, Lin Yaner n r p respirator type n95 couldn t help but tangled.Ye Han smiled at her and said Do not worry, I will come out soon.Maybe this is more safe than any other place in the city.Without waiting for Lin Yaner to understand what how to make a mask of someones face for free he meant by this, he had already been taken away by the law enforcement.Far away to Chen Ba, he said Help me take care of this girl.When I come out, I will immediately take the blood.The people of the Eagle Camp Gloves are saved back. Yes, Chen 3m filters that fit the 7500 mask Bazheng responded.Chapter 185, Undercurrent What thirteen emperors appeared He actu


ally appeared directly Gloves at the gate of the city, but now he has been taken away by the law enforcement team.No, what do the law enforcement team have to qualify for a prince I heard that someone who had found the royal family was shot, and the crime was that he resisted the purpose.In less than half an hour, Ye Han appeared in Cangshengguan, and was captured by the law enforcement team.The news sent to the dungeons in the city spread throughout the Gloves Cangsheng Pass.Numerous Gloves people have talked about it, and the reactions of the parties are also very different.In the city, within the house of the Seven Emperors, Ye Dan, the seven emperor who was originally practicing, was awakened, and then the news reported by his men surpr.ised Gloves him. Strange, why did the people of the Clan House shoot The seven emperors blinked and bowed their heads and meditated.Will the other emperors think that the thirteen Gloves emperors are threatened, so they can t help but take the shot.The gray coated old man guessed. Ye Dan shook his head an

d said The boss and the fourth are not expected to care about him.As for other people, hey, they really can t help me and he make a lot of trouble, so Gloves that they can be awkward.It s said that the old man in the gray coat also frowned.Who would be the average person could not ask for the Zong s house After thinking for a while, Ye Dan s mouth was hooked and suddenly said airborne precautions require the use of an n95 or higher respirator In any case, this is our chance.Send someone to the guys in the Gloves prison to send a message, tell them, kill Ye XIII, the prince Can help them regain their freedom The Gloves great gray haired old man was hesitant for a moment.These guys Gloves are all extremely 3m 1860 medical mask vicious people. Although we have contacted them Gloves before, these people are not easy to be with them, and they have not really been able to I m going to use Gloves it myself, I how is coronavirus spread in cats Gloves m really going to germ masks n95 release them, I m afraid Ye Dan waved his hand in disapproval and said The king has no time what country music artist wore part of face mask singing what if we were made for each other to wait for this time.It is because after their last chance, if they are doing what they said, the king may still be able to Th