Mask just asked me to cooperate with you.Now the cooperation does not make you angry and angry.Haha, it is a capricious villain. The two sides suddenly fell into a bitter battle.The personal strength of the silver haired old man is undoubtedly very strong, but at this moment she is Mask only dispatched to fight with Ye Hao, and the strength seems Mask to have weakened.And Ye Hao has a lot of helpers Mask to help, all kinds of singular means are endless, and for a time it is a long time.However, anyone can see that such a stalemate, Ye Hao here is ultimately a Mask thankless, Mask once the other side of the silver haired old man refining the sword, then all their efforts are not only in vain, but also into the danger of life.You must think again and think about it. Ye Hao s heart quickly emerged with various ideas.He suddenly realized that Liu Yan and Lei Yueer, who had retrea.ted to the side, might be able to use it. After Liu Wei rescued Lei Yueer, he did not continue to rush to grab the sword, but stood still quietly.Lei Yueer was right beside him, and he kept thinking about his own scene in his mind.He couldn t help but as

k Don t you not care about me Liu Wei Lei Mask Yueer suddenly took his hand and begged to say to him Don t go up again, disposable mask boots I don t want you to leave me, I don t want you to be in danger.The sword makes me feel evil, don t go. Can you touch it Liu Yan closed his eyes and seemed to be struggling for a while.In the end, he sighed and said But, anyway, this sword is just a piece smb covid 19 of Mask stone that I chose to sharpen myself.I will go looking for another. One piece is better Lei Yueer could not help but be overjoyed.In her opinion, Liu Wei was for her to give up this magic sword.However, soon she listened to Liu Mask Wei However, these guys count me, I don t have a good temper to let them go.The 377th chapter of a sword His Royal Mask Highness, Mask the guy himself came over, one of his men difference between a gas mask and respirator said to him.Ye Hao went back and saw that Liu Wei was flying alone to the side, but his face was very clearly written with no good intentions.Before Ye Hao made a judgment, Mask Liu Yan s figure suddenly air dust mask beard flashed, and someone how to remove diy face masks at the scene immediately heard a subtle sound in the.air. The voice is very subtle, but they are all clearly heard, Mask and the ne


rves are tightened in an instant.This is clearly the sound of Liu Yan s figure and the air, but I don t know why when I Mask heard this sound, everyone felt Mask like a sword.For a time, everyone could not help but think of the blue swordsman they had encountered before, and the sword that protected Ray Moon.Sword, kill Liu Yan quickly rushed into the battlefield, holding a blue sword in the hand as if it meant to be the same, with a low drink, a flash of light call out Liu Wei s vague figure sprinted up in the sky, and Mask then suddenly rushed toward the crowd.A sword like sword light spread from him, as if it were a punishment, suddenly facing everyone.Fall down bang Flames swell, swordsman In the distance, the silver haired old man who is refining the magic sword saw the trick of Liu Yan, and Mask the pupil could not help shrinking.This blow has already caused a serious threat to her.Sure enough, I only heard a loud bang, and there was a fierce Mask spark in the air.The figures of Ye Hao and others were stunned in the chaotic energy, but they were all incomparable.The worst thing is that the silver haired old man who

is ebay vintage baseball gloves still entangled with them is directly smothered by Liu Yi s sword.It s hard to imagine, a teenager, even. a sword has killed one so that Mask it is difficult for so many masters present.The coexistence of terror exists between the two, and the attack power of each coronavirus shot for dogs home depot 3m respirator single is very different.The Mask sorrow of Liu Yan s sword is the level of Mask horror that can be overcome.Of course, the avatars of the silver haired old man were killed, and Ye Hao and others were seriously injured.However, Liu Yan, who caused the attack, was safe and sound, standing in the air where they were fighting and looking down on them.Whether it is silver hair or Ye Hao, everyone s face is 3m 1860s particulate respirator and surgical mask very ugly.Liu Yan didn t care if they Mask looked good, but just chuckled and said Since all of you want to get this sword, I will give it to you first, but no matter who you get first, you have to Keep it safe, after a while, I will suddenly Mask rise Mask up and will go directly to you Mask to grab it back.After the words, his figure disappeared directly. Otherwise, the person immediately looked at best amazon face masks the direction of Lei Yueer, and found that even Lei Yueer was gone.It s