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Increasing authorship problems: inadequate credit and plagiarism

Increasing authorship problems: inadequate credit and plagiarism

Conflicts about authorship have now been increasing, studies have shown. In accordance with a 1998 study when you look at the Journal associated with the American Medical Association by Linda Wilcox, the ombudsperson at Harvard’s medical, dental, and public-health schools, the percentage of complaints about authorship in the three institutions rose in the 1990s. Such grievances ranged from people feeling that they are not being given credit as first author, and even though these people were promised it, to people feeling that their work merited first authorship despite the fact that they merely performed experiments and did not design or write up the research. Wilcox’s research found that authorship-related queries to her office rose from 2.3% of total complaints in 1991 to 10.7% in 1997. Between 1994 and 1997, 46% of the queries were from faculty and 34% were from postdoctoral fellows, interns, or residents.

Other studies, cited by Eugene Tarnow, point to the presssing problem of plagiarism as a challenge, too. A 1993 study looked over perceived misconduct in a study of professors and graduate students in four disciplines over a period of 5 years. Inappropriate co-authorship was slightly more than plagiarism as a problem. Plagiarism was a problem of graduate students, while inappropriate co-authorship was an issue mostly of faculty.

what direction to go if an authorship problem arises

If a conflict arises between a junior scientist and a senior scientist regarding authorship, experts suggest that the disagreement should first be addressed inside the group of authors therefore the project leader. Should that not lead to a solution that is satisfactory the junior scientist can seek guidance from other members of the department, student organizations, representatives in an office of postdoctoral affairs, or even the ombudsperson in the institution. Continuez la lecture