Undesirable in France, Unloved in Romania: A hopeless Homecoming for Deported Roma

Undesirable in France, Unloved in Romania: A hopeless Homecoming for Deported Roma

France is deporting a huge selection of Roma to Romania along with other Eastern countries in europe. However the controversial policy isn’t working. Not able to find work with their house nations, numerous intend to come back to France as fast as possible.

By Jan Puhl in Barbulesti, Romania

Jahrgang 1967, ist Redakteur im Auslandsressort des SPIEGEL. Er schreibt seit 14 Jahren ьber Osteuropa und Afrika.

Merisor de la Barbulesti is house once again, in which he’s in a foul mood. He could be 42, has 15 grandchildren along with his only income source is their battered accordion.

The kids romp around him as he gets their tool through the family room at night. He sits straight straight down into the courtyard in the front of their bright-red home and plays a passage from Vivaldi’s « Four Seasons. » Merisor can not read music. He just plays by ear, an art that his dad taught him.

The accordion player is just user regarding the Ursari caste regarding the Roma individuals. Their ancestors went from village to town along with their dancing bears. Their German accordion, Hohner’s « Verdi » model, had been created before the war. It was played a great deal that some associated with the secrets are worn out to your bare lumber.

For six days, Merisor attempted to make a living in France, but President that is then french Nicolas unexpectedly made a decision to rid himself regarding the Roma.

About 15,000 Roma are https://www.asian-singles.net now living in France, many of them from Eastern Europe. A huge selection of them tend to be seen camped down in the borders of villages and urban centers, & most of them find a way to scrape by as harvest arms.

After clashes between Roma and authorities in Grenoble and Saint-Aignan, Sarkozy decided it was time for you to deport them. Continuez la lecture